Due to the fast growth of moving  services to off-shore locations such as Asia i.e. India, China, Indonesia and Eastern Europe i.e. Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland since the 1990's, this has thrown up additional challenges for non-native English speaking professionals. Not only do non-native English speaking professionals have to compete globally using their industry skills but they also have the additional difficulty of English not being their first language.

In our experience this can potentially limit their earning ability and introduce an unfair bias against them.  We have personally coached colleagues in off-shore locations such as India to maximise their potential earnings by reviewing and improving their resume and assisting with composing emails for job applications or promotion opportunities.

For Non-Native English speakers it is especially important that your CV contains correct grammar. Here is an example of a CV that contains incorrect grammar taken from a well-known site hosted in India that sells CV writing services; see highlighted text. 


  • A professional with 7 years experience as a Business Analyst.

  • Proved worth in many projects.

  • Embraced with the basics of banking industry.

  • Update with the changing trends in IT industry.

  • A sense of urgency, commitment and focus on the right priorities to develop solutions in a timely fashion.

For a native English speaker the highlighted text does not sound natural, misses out pronouns, mixes tenses and uses inappropriate verbs. There is also nothing explaining any tangible business benefit and it is too general.

This is clearly not showing the candidate in the best light and gives the impression that it is a cookie cutter CV and the person may struggle to communicate in either written or spoken English or both. It reads like a phishing Email and this is definitely not the impression you want to make with a potential employer.

Here is an updated and improved version:

  • An IT professional with 7 years experience as a certified Business Analyst for several high profile Change Management projects for leading Investment Banks; tailor this for each job application.

  • I have delivered significant annual cost and efficiency savings in excess of £1,000,000 GBP by applying my business acumen and analysis skills for the Change Management programme of work at Morgan Stanley.

  • Demonstrable and proven experience in the Banking industry having held Business Analysis positions at Morgan Stanley and HSBC.

  • I am a self-learner with a passion for technology and how to apply it to derive maximum business benefit; as an example I identified and championed an update to a global CMS that reduced manual work by 50% and saved £100,000 GBP per annum.

We can provide an Easy CV Review to ensure your CV makes the best impression at £10 (GBP) per page.


For non-native English speakers there could well be a couple of near future UK Government policy changes that may potentially create an abundance of opportunities for them.


If Brexit eventually transpires then the free movement of EU citizens will be revoked and they will lose their mobility advantage over non-EU citizens. In order to ensure the UK can attract the best overseas talent the UK Government have proposed to raise the Visa limit which will particularly benefit non-EU citizens.

"Under the new proposals, an annual cap of 20,700 on the number of skilled work visas issued will be removed, likely to benefit doctors and professionals from India, among others. There will also be a new 12-month visa route for workers at any skill level for a temporary period to allow businesses to hire the staff they need on a time-bound basis." Here is the complete article.


With the introduction of the revised IR35 Off-Payroll legislation for the private sector being rolled out in the UK in April 2021, this will create abundant opportunities for achieving a move to a more lucrative role. Why? This is due to large corporate and finance firms deciding to terminate hundreds of thousands of contractors and contingent workers in order to avoid the risk of making an incorrect status determination, and needing new hires to replace them! Check out the IR35 content for more information.