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About Me:

Due to the pandemic I have had to close my very successful IT Consultancy company, which was very disappointing after having worked 30 years in the IT industry. In the meantime I have been helping family, friends, neighbours and local businesses in Guildford and Godalming by performing a real assortment of odd jobs, such as:

  • Website building and support

  • Personal computer support

  • Lawn cutting

  • General garden maintenance

  • Hedge trimming

  • Tending to an allotment for the hospitalised owner

  • Bicycle maintenance

  • Picking up shopping items

  • Dog walking (with no long term commitment)

  • CV Writing

I have many practical skills and I have always enjoyed working outdoors and fixing anything mechanical such as bicycles and cars. I built my own kit car (Dutton Phaeton) when I was 20 years old with no previous experience. I was buying and fixing up bicycles and motorbikes for a profit from 13 years old. I have also started several successful businesses such as Minibus Private Hire, Owner/Driver Multi-Dropper Delivery Service, and two IT Consultancy firms working primarily with Investment Banks and other financial institutions.


I started my long term IT career after being made redundant during the 1980's recession which impacted the property market due to the dramatic and sudden reduction in the value of properties. The reduction in property values combined with many people losing their jobs and a high mortgage interest rate of 14%(!) forced some people to abandon their homes and post their house keys through the letter box of the mortgage firm. Those were dark days indeed. The British Government who were desperate to reduce the number of people unemployed and claiming benefits introduced a scheme which would pay people to study and re-train. As I always had a passion for technology I decided to return to education and full-time study as a Software Engineer, which started my long-term career in IT. As it seems such a waste of 40 plus years of work experience and skills I have decided to offer my services to local people. I am reliable and trustworthy, proven by the extensive background checks performed (and passed!) by Investment Banks when applying for contract roles.


I will consider any (legal!) odd job that I feel I can honestly complete to a high standard. So, please contact me to discuss your requirements before purchasing any services.


My hourly rate is £25 which includes travel to/from the place of work. If I only work for 30 minutes or less then this will be charged at £12.50.


Can be made in person or via the online shop.

Online Shop:

Contact Me:

Call Robin on 07506 598939

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