When writing a CV and Resume don't fall at the first hurdle as it's critical that your CV and Resume highlights your achievements, reflects your potential and should be selling your talents. We have reviewed hundreds of CVs and Resumes and interviewed candidates for roles over the years and know what can help or hinder you. This is particularly important with technical resumes as it is all too easy to fall into the trap of just listing endless courses or certifications etc. without actually selling yourself.

Having worked in a variety of industries and roles, we can understand what skills each role requires and how to translate this into a great CV and Resume.

All services have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your money back if you are not completely satisfied.

Easy CV and Resume Review

What's Included?

Duration: (3 Business Days)

  • A thorough review of content, grammar and design of a single page of your Easy CV and Resume.

Please purchase this service for each Easy CV and Resume page you would like reviewed e.g. if your CV and Resume is two pages long then purchase this service twice - one for each page of your CV and Resume.

You can upload your resume after payment. Please Contact Us if you have any issues.

Easy CV Review