Here are some tips to use when writing a CV for an IT role or you can download a template:

Non-Native English Speakers

Due to the importance of this topic, please check out the page dedicated to the unique challenges for non-native English speakers.

General CV Tips

  • Your CV should be structured like this:

    • Header​

    • Contact Details

    • Profile

    • Availability

    • Education

    • Career and Achievements

    • Footer

  • Try to keep your CV to two pages in length but certainly no more than three pages.

  • Tailor your CV to the job for which you are applying. It is not unusual to have several CVs if you are applying for jobs that have different requirements.


  • Add a page header with the text 'Curriculum Vitae for Your Name' in bold in case the recruiter prints it out and mixes up the pages with other CVs.

Contact Details


  • Include a paragraph that summarises the qualities you bring to the role and tailor it to the job specification.


  • This should state your notice period or if you are between jobs then 'Immediate'.


  • Your Professional and Educational qualifications should include higher level attainments such as PMI/Prince 2 Project Manager, ITIL Practitioner etc. and University Degree, HND, HNC etc. More technical certifications can be included as long as they are industry recognised and for current technology. Ensure that you include valid qualifications to match the job specification for which you are applying.

Career and Achievements


  • Add a page footer with the page number and number of pages in a font which is 30% smaller than the page content size i.e. Page 1 of 2 - this also makes it easier for a recruiter to find all of the pages that belong to your CV.

Finishing Touches!

  • If you are using MS Word and you don't want to include personal information via the document properties then follow this guide.

  • Ensure all content is spell checked and grammar checked. If your English grammar is not as proficient as it should be - perhaps as it is not your native language - I can help you.

CV Tips For a Technical IT Job

  • Don't list all of your technical certificates/courses as most recruiters don't care if you 'attended' a course for the Hayes Modem AT command set 30 years ago!

  • Don't be tempted to focus on your technical skills only, even if this is what job adverts tend to list i.e. 'Must have AWS experience, Must have SME knowledge of Windows Active Directory etc.' What you need to do is to put the skills into the context of the Business Requirement and Value you added using these skills.

  • Be sure to have examples of achievements that match the job specification for which you are applying.

  • To avoid the IT 'techie' stereotype ensure that your CV contains examples of using so-called 'Soft Skills'. Don't underestimate the need for Soft Skills as these demonstrate:

    • You have good communication skills; unlike the IT 'techie' stereotype of an unapproachable person hunched over their keyboard displaying body language saying "Leave Me Alone!".

    • You can work as part of a team.

    • You can show empathy and be supportive.

  • Ensure you list your Achievements and these should demonstrate an actual delivery and benefit for the firm. ​