My first job after leaving education was as a Senior Negotiator at Hamptons Estate Agents in Weybridge, Surrey selling multi-million £GBP homes on the famous St Georges Hills Private Estate. Notable residents include Ringo Starr, Gordon Mills (Tom Jones's Manager who had his own private Zoo including Tigers within the grounds of his property), Sir Cliff RichardAlexander Perepilichny and Mian Muhammad Mansha. My chosen career ended abruptly when the 1980's recession impacted the property market and I was made redundant due to the dramatic and sudden reduction in the value of properties. The reduction in property values combined with many people losing their jobs and a high mortgage interest rate of 14%(!) forced some people to abandon their homes and post their house keys through the letter box of the mortgage firm. Those were dark days indeed. The British Government who were desperate to reduce the number of people unemployed and claiming benefits introduced a scheme which would pay people to study and re-train. As I always had a passion for technology I decided to return to education and full-time study as a Software Engineer, which started my long-term career in IT.  As well working in a permanent capacity I have founded five successful businesses, two of which were IT Consultancy firms based in London.