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Let our vast experience of working in Retail, Small Businesses, Corporate Firms and Investment Banking help you by improving your success in gaining a new role. Unlike 99% of firms that offer services to improve your CV and Resume to land a new job we have actually lived the role, and for a considerable time, so we have earned real life experience at the coal face and learned our craft the hard way.

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Unfortunately, more and more people will be losing their jobs and contracts due to the pandemic and will need to change industry in order to secure paid employment. This is a very daunting and frustrating experience as you will be feeling upset about losing your income plus your CV and Resume will be specific to your current industry experience.


The good news is that lots of skills are transferable between industries and you need to ensure this is very obvious on your CV/Resume, as it is best practice to change your CV/Resume to fit each role for which you apply, even within the same industry. In the case of changing industries, you need to extract from your current CV/Resume your current industry experience and what is still relevant for the advertised job in the new industry.

If after using the Easy CV and Resume Guide and Template you need help, we can perform a review of your Easy CV and Resume and provide professional advice on how to improve it further for your new industry.


We are not recruitment consultants or someone only with HR experience offering general advice with not actual industry experience. We know what actually works for getting jobs having used our knowledge to land roles and get hired by some of the best firms in the world for both Contract and Permanent roles. We have also started several successful companies and worked with a substantial number of Off-Shore professionals and understand their unique challenges with the English language in a business context.

In our professional opinion you cannot be an expert in everything, so you need to specialise and this is particularly true when providing tailor made services for landing a job. For example, some technical jobs such as IT are saturated with acronyms and specialised terminology which non-IT literate CV/Resume writers would struggle to understand when reviewing a CV/Resume, in order to ensure highly relevant and in demand skills and experience are prominently displayed.

Investing a small amount of your time to use an Easy CV and Resume Guide including Template written by industry experts, who can also review and improve your CV/Resume, is critical to getting your skills and experience noticed by employers and employment agencies - to avoid being eliminated at the very first stage.

On this site you will find the tools you need to build your confidence and dazzle potential employers.

We have the know-how to help you achieve your career goals and get paid your real worth.


Have you ever wondered how you could be earning more money out of your skills? Have you ever asked yourself why that other person you know, who is in the same industry, is doing so much better than you?​ 

Let's be honest, they're probably not any better than you at doing the job but what they are better at doing is getting paid more than you. They may even be in the same role i.e. Sales, Retail Assistant, Surveyor, Call Centre Operator, Developer, Office Administration, Project Manager etc. but where they differ is in where they are working. 

So, do these higher earners have magical powers, or do they have an Einstein level of intellect? Of course not, all they realised (like we did) was that it was not what you knew but who paid you for it. What you will need to change is your approach and mind-set because as you know repeating the same method over and over to get a new job will not change the outcome.


It's easy to put things off and justify to yourself as to why you should not be capable of finding a new role, but every day you delay making any progress is losing you money and you will still be thinking about it and regretting your indecisiveness and lack of motivation. 


Act Now!

To get you started, we have developed guides for CV and Resume Writing and Presentation Skills. If you require additional help, please see Services below. If you are not sure about your requirements then please Contact Us.


As the IR35 reforms are still planned to be introduced to the Private Sector albeit not as planned on April 6th 2020, we have regularly updated IR35 content and Industry Blog where your can learn all about IR35 and how firms are planning to implement it. For UK contractors, the roll-out of the IR35 reform to the Private Sector will be game changing and should not be ignored. 



Easy CV and Resume Guide including CV and Resume Template

  • A simple to follow 10 step guide and template to help make writing your CV and Resume easy. The guide provides expert advice on content, what to include/exclude, tips and layout to enable you to create a first class CV/Resume using the included Easy CV and Resume template.


Easy CV and Resume Review

  • If you require a professional review of your Easy CV and Resume then select this option.